used with permission of artist Joanne Hastie

PROBUS is derived from PROfessional BUSiness. We are a group of close to 200, retired, semi-retired, or thinking about being retired women. Due to the size of available venues we are restricting our membership to 225 at this time. Membership dues include the cost of speakers, meeting place, Zoom (when offered) and refreshments . Membership is closed for June 2023-24 with membership fees being $90 this year.

The Lions Gate Women’s PROBUS Club of the North Shore Vancouver meets at 10am on the 4th Monday of each month, from September to June (with the exception of December and Stat holidays). 

Our monthly, Monday morning, meetings include current, proven speakers who present on a variety of topics from the serious to the lighthearted.  We aim for variety and a diversity of topics.  Speakers are identified from a number of broad topic areas such as Arts & Entertainment, Current Affairs, Health, Science & the Environment.   All speakers allow for and encourage a question and answer session so members can interact and voice their ideas. When possible, speakers will present in-person at WVYC.

Special Events will be held from time to time, including outings and a delicious Christmas luncheon. These are paid for by the participants.

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