Scheduled Upcoming Speakers

The Speaker for our Monday, May 27 is Tara Doherty is PADS Director of Communications


“Unleashing Independence: The Life-Changing Impact of Assistance Dogs”


PADS is Canada’s first Assistance Dogs International Accredited assistance dog program that breeds, raises, trains and supports life-changing assistance dog teams across Western Canada. The talk will be about PADS life-changing dogs, the people that receive them as well as the incredible village of people that bring their mission to life. The presentation will include an overview of their diverse programs – from where these amazing dogs come from to who they serve. There will be a demonstration of a PADS’ dogs in action.


Tara Doherty is PADS Director of Communications.  The best part of her job is advocating and educating on how we can collectively do better for the 22% of Canadians that live with disabilities.  A career-long communications professional and former university instructor, Tara brings warmth, relevance and an interactive presentation style.  She also became an assistance dog user in her mid 40’s when an chronic neurological illness left her body with a questionable center of gravity and unreliable power supply levels. This experience allows her to speak candidly about the incredible benefits and challenges of life with PADS Service Dog at her side that keeps her upright, laughing and independent!